Meditation in a Nutshell

3 min readApr 20, 2021

Aren’t you frustrated at how stuck you feel? wherever you are

Don’t the conclusions you reach seem to work for a little while and only a little while?

Are you aware of what is limiting you from integrating meditation in your life instead of having it as an exercise?

In Depth

Our experiences and accumulated past shape the language we use and see the world through. That same language starts to make us react to life with that same initial understanding.

What seems new is only so on the surface. The underlining content is populated by our past experiences and the language we inherited. A new shell atop a pre-existing pattern.

Indeed, Humanity has come a long way, yet our problems are still the same at the core even though they have different shells.

How can one be free from a millennia of propaganda and structured programming? How can one solve their problems when in fact one is the problem they want to solve?

Answering these questions and others, intellectually alone, recreates the problem in a different and misleading form, as it have been just pointed out.

If so we agree, then where would the answer come from?

Assuming that it comes, how will it arrive untainted by the patterns and systems that are currently active? And, if these systems and patterns we experience ourselves through happen to expire, would that lead to the formulation of new ones? Feeling superior to our prior selves, trapping us in the same, disguised, loop.

An Invitation

‘The highest form of intelligence is looking at one’s self with no judgement but with understanding’
~Jiddu Krishnanmurti

What we need is an open conversation, dialogue and discussion. Together, we will explore our barriers against creative living without the need to push ourselves through any extremism or justifying any jargon, image, authority, method or system. We will think together. Talk together, like two real friends who listen and are attentive to one another, hopefully, with the same kind of attention which fuels love.



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