AvHD 001 — What About Authority and Agility?

9 min readFeb 20

This article is transcribed and edited from a podcast named: Tripute ‘Agile via HD’

Holistic Dialogue (HD) is an approach that can pave the way for Agile transformation as well as expose the existing blind spots for a supposedly agile-ready environment. HD allows individuals and groups to understand how to perceive things holistically, without any expertise.

HD is a space for inquiry and exploration that can help individuals and groups function more effectively and efficiently. Meeting each other where we actually are, understanding, together, what might be standing in the way which often is, if not always, our individual separative thinking. Ultimately, listening ends up being a necessity rather than a mere requirement in an HD. Then and there, each participant discovers for themselves the magnitude of collective action.

HD is brought to you by Tripute, a non-profit holistic collective for a life not led by consciousness. And now let us get right into it.

There are general standards by which one ought to live or ought to do the work and many describe that for us in order to… I don’t know exactly why it’s happening. So let us explore and inquire into this matter.

Is it that one does know something that I don’t know and they are sharing it with me in order for us to really understand one another more or is this like the truth, through which one knows and consequently me needing to do so too? Or maybe one diagnosed the problem and proposed the solution out of it and this is the solution that they are proposing.

This means that it doesn’t necessarily work, so it depends on me to make it so. So are we meant to go into why that, so-called, solution works for that particular problem? Or aren’t we ought to talk about the problem itself, not one’s solution to it? Can we talk about the problem itself, while of course, pushing away what we know of it as we go into it — take out whatever we know. Can we explore an existing problem? Without bringing in our expertise or whatever else that aided us in the past.

So this is the first thing because: is the question about the solution or about the problem?

Let me understand the so-called, problem! Does my experience from the past help me…


A holistic non-profit collective for a life not led by Consciousness